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Unformatted text preview: ure 12.12: HOSTINFO : Retrieves and prints a DNS host entry. 618 official hostname: alias: address: address: address: CHAPTER 12. NETWORK PROGRAMMING Finally, we notice that some valid domain names are not mapped to any IP address: unix> ./hostinfo edu Gethostbyname error: No address associated with name unix> ./hostinfo Gethostbyname error: No address associated with name Practice Problem 12.4: Compile the HOSTINFO program from Figure 12.12. Then run hostinfo three times in a row on your system. A. What do you notice about the ordering of the IP addresses in the three host entries? B. How might this ordering be useful? 12.3.3 Internet Connections Internet clients and servers communicate by sending and receiving streams of bytes over connections. A connection is point-to-point in the sense that it connects a pair of processes. It is full-duplex in the sense that data can flow in both directions at the same time. And it is reliable in the sense that — barring some catastrophic failure such as a cable cu...
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