Telnet server sends hello worldn string to client

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Unformatted text preview: et client running on our local machine to connect to a telnet server on a remote machine. After we log in to the remote machine and run a shell, the remote shell is waiting to receive an input command. From this point, running the hello program remotely involves the five basic steps shown in Figure 1.15. 1. user types "hello" at the keyboard 2. client sends "hello" string to telnet server 3. server sends "hello" string to the shell, which runs the hello program, and sends the output to the telnet server local telnet client 5. client prints "hello, world\n" string on display 4. telnet server sends "hello, world\n" string to client remote telnet server Figure 1.15: Using telnet to run hello remotely over a network. After we type the ”hello” string to the telnet client and hit the enter key, the client sends the string to 18 CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION the telnet server. After the telnet server receives the string from the network, it passes it along to the remote s...
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