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Unformatted text preview: on. IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers, EC-14(2), April 1965. [84] P. Wilson, M. Johnstone, M. Neely, and D. Boles. Dynamic storage allocation: A survey and critical review. In International Workshop on Memory Management, Kinross, Scotland, 1995. [85] M. Wolf and M. Lam. A data locality algorithm. In Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (SIGPLAN), pages 30–44, June 1991. [86] J. Wylie, M. Bigrigg, J. Strunk, G. Ganger, H. Kiliccote, and P. Khosla. Survivable information storage systems. IEEE Computer, August 2000. [87] X. Zhang, Z. Wang, N. Gloy, J. B. Chen, and M. D. Smith. System support for automatic profiling and optimization. In Proceedings of the Sixteenth ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), pages 15–26, October 1997. Index * [C] dereference pointer operation, 103 £Ø (two’s complement multiplication), 62 £Ù (unsigned multiplication), 62 Ø · (two’s complement addition), 57 Ù · (unsigned addition), 56 -> [C] dereference and select field operation, 154 Ø (two’s complement negation), 60 Ù (unsigned negation), 56 & [C] address of operation, 104 \n (newline character), 2 .a static library archive file, 362 Abelian group, 56 abort, 394 accept [Unix] wait for client connection request, 635 access time, 287 acquiring (a mutex), 586 active socket, 633 actuator arm, 287 adder [CS:APP] CGI adder, 653 addition two’s complement, 57 unsigned, 56 addl [IA32] add double word, 105 address effective,...
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