Type r38632 refptr unsigned addrrsymbol refptr

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Unformatted text preview: al, global, or extern) and the section (.text, .data, or .bss) it occupies in that module. Symbol buf bufp0 bufp1 swap temp swap.o .symtab entry? Symbol type Module where defined Section 7.6 Symbol Resolution The linker resolves symbol references by associating each reference with exactly one symbol definition from the symbol tables of its input relocatable object files. Symbol resolution is straightforward for references to local symbols that are defined in the same module as the reference. The compiler allows only one definition of each local symbol per module. The compiler also ensures that static local variables, which get local linker symbols, have unique names. However, resolving references to global symbols is trickier. When the compiler encounters a symbol (either a variable or function name) that is not defined in the current module, it assumes that it is defined in some other module, generates a linker symbol table entry, and leaves it for the linker to handle. If the linker is unable to find a definition for the referenced symbol in any of its input modules, it prints an (often cryptic) error message and terminates. For example...
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