Waitpid1 child 22966 terminated normally with exit

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Unformatted text preview: mode is not allowed to execute privileged instructions that do things such as halt the processor, change the mode bit, or initiate an I/O operation. Nor is it allowed to directly reference code or data in the kernel area of the address space. Any such attempt results in a fatal protection fault. Instead, user programs must access kernel code and data indirectly via the system call interface. A process running application code is initially in user mode. The only way for the process to change from user mode to kernel mode is via an exception such as an interrupt, a fault, or a trapping system call. When the exception occurs, and control passes to the exception handler, the processor changes the mode from user mode to kernel mode. The handler runs in kernel mode. When it returns to the application code, the processor changes the mode from kernel mode back to user mode. 8.2. PROCESSES 401 Linux and Solaris provides a clever mechanism, called the /proc filesystem, that allows user mode processes to access th...
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