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Unformatted text preview: amp; pointer */ rptr->rl_bufptr = rptr->rl_buf; } /**************************************************** * Error-handling wrappers for Stevens’s I/O helpers ****************************************************/ ssize_t Readn(int fd, void *ptr, size_t nbytes) { ssize_t n; if ((n = readn(fd, ptr, nbytes)) < 0) unix_error("Readn error"); return n; } void Writen(int fd, void *ptr, size_t nbytes) { if (writen(fd, ptr, nbytes) != nbytes) unix_error("Writen error"); } ssize_t Readline(int fd, void *ptr, size_t maxlen) { ssize_t n; if ((n = readline(fd, ptr, maxlen)) < 0) unix_error("Readline error"); return n; } ssize_t Readline_r(Rline *rptr) { ssize_t n; if ( (n = readline_r(rptr)) == -1) unix_error("readline_r error"); return(n); } 690 747 748 749 750 APPENDIX A. ERROR HANDLING void Readline_rinit(int fd, void *ptr, size_t maxlen, Rline *rptr) { readline_rinit(fd, ptr, maxlen, rptr); } code/src/csapp.c Appendix B Solutions to Practice Problems B.1 Intro B.2 Representing and Manipulating...
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This note was uploaded on 09/02/2010 for the course ELECTRICAL 360 taught by Professor Schultz during the Spring '10 term at BYU.

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