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Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. 5757 Century Boulevard, Suite 600 Los Angeles, California 90045 USA www.pressureprofile.com e: [email protected] o: 310.641.8100 f: 310.507.0229 Capacitive Tactile Sensors – A Technology Primer Capacitance The basic electrical property of capacitance – a measure of an object’s ability to store electrical charge –has been demonstrated in countless physics classes with the classic example of two electrodes with area A separated by an air gap d as shown. If the air gap decreases, the capacitance C goes up. Tactile Sensors Pressure Profile Systems uses this property to build its tactile pads and arrays by separating the electrodes using a proprietary compressible dielectric matrix, which acts like a spring. Precision manufacturing techniques allow excellent repeatability and sensitivity, while advanced conductive materials allow for conformable, stretchable, industrial, and other hybrid sensor designs. The simplicity of the capacitive sensor design gives PPS a large degree of flexibility when creating custom sensor solutions.
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