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Lecture 13 Polymers for Microfabrication Review Points 1. What are the main advantages/disadvantages of using polymers in MEMS? 2. What are the important manufacturing methods discussed in class for polymer MEMS? 3. What are the different mold materials and manufacturing techniques? 4. What are the main advantages and limitations of SU-8 as mold material? 5. What is nanoimprint lithography (NIL)? What are the major steps and limitations of NIL? 6.
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Unformatted text preview: What do the following terms mean and how does each them work? What are the advantages and limitations of each of the following? a. Injection molding b. Casting c. Xurography d. PDMS soft lithography i. Microcontact printing ii. Micromolding in capillaries iii. Microtransfer and replica molding e. Laser ablation f. Stereolithography g. Hot embossing 7. What is rapid prototyping? 8. What are the important considerations in mold making?...
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