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Lecture 12 Review Points 1. What does the term LIGA mean (originally in german)? 2. What is the radiation source used for LIGA and why? 3. What is DXRL? 4. What are the main steps in LIGA and what are the important characteristics of the substrate, mask, resist and mold? 5. What are the important parameters for LIGA exposure dosage? 6. What are the different components of mask used for LIGA (including typical materials and thicknesses) and how do they compare optical lithography mask?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What are the important requirements of LIGA mask? 8. How would you fabricate a mask for LIGA process? 9. What are the two limiting factors that adversely affect the possible resolution in LIGA? 10. What are the important applications and major limitations of LIGA? 11. Which applications are better suitable for LIGA when compared to other techniques that can be used to achieve high aspect ratios?...
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