ln01 - 2 sacrificial process vii LIGA Lithography Doping...

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Lecture 1 and 2 Review Points 1. What is Moore’s law and how does it apply to MEMS? 2. What are the main advantages of MEMS and what are the different components of a typical MEMS device? 3. What are the standard IC processes? What do the following processes mean to you? a. Substrate pre-treatment b. Deposit/grow films c. Pattern thin films i. Lithography ii. Etching techniques (wet and dry) iii. Induce dopants 1. diffusion 2. ion implantation iv. Bulk micromachining 1. wet vs dry 2. isotropic vs anisotropic 3. subtractive 4. Deep reactive ion etching v. Wafer level bonding 1. glass-Si anodic bonding 2. Si-Si fusion bonding 3. eutectic bonding 4. low temp glass bonding vi. Surface micromachining 1. additive process
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Unformatted text preview: 2. sacrificial process vii. LIGA Lithography Doping Metals Polymers Insulators Conductors Etching Deposition Spinning Wet Sputtering Evaporation CVD Oxidation Isotropic Dry RIE Anisotropic Non Plasma Sputtering 1. Why is cleanroom environment important in MEMS? 2. What are the common impurities in cleanroom? 3. What are important parameters to consider in designing a cleanroom? 4. What do the different classes with respect to cleanroom mean to you? 5. What are the important considerations in terms of chemicals and utilities in microfab facility? 6. Why are the vacuum systems important in microfab? 7. What is mean free path and why is it important for MEMS applications?...
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  • Spring '10
  • HimanshuJ.Sant
  • Semiconductor device fabrication, Microelectromechanical systems, Microtechnology, microfab, LIGA Conductors Metals, typical MEMS device

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ln01 - 2 sacrificial process vii LIGA Lithography Doping...

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