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hw4 - n Spin PR o Develop p Etch metal q Remove PR r Attach...

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Hw 4 key 1) Nitride (10) 2) Components or attributes of wet etchant (20) 3) a) (60) a. Wafer b. Oxidation c. Pattern w/mask 1 d. Etch oxide e. Remove PR f. Etch Si KOH g. Deposit Metal (Au) h. Pattern w/mask 2 i. Etch metal j. Expose su8 k. Develop su8 l. Freebie m. Metal/Au on glass
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Unformatted text preview: n. Spin PR o. Develop p. Etch metal q. Remove PR r. Attach to glass s. Done t. Top view b)Reasonable, thoughtful answer (10) Your answers are expected to be more thoughtful and descriptive, these are merely the most basic ideas that must be present...
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