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q5 - For example in electronics hermetic seal is used to...

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Fundamentals of Microfabrication Name ______________________________ Quiz 5 April 12, 2010 T F Packaging of a MEMS device costs (can cost) more than the fabrication of the device What is another name for “field assisted thermal bonding”? (a) Anodic bonding (b) Fusion bonding (c) Thermal bonding with intermediate layers (d) Eutectic bonding Give a brief explanation of a “hermetic” seal? Hermetic seal is considered air tight or vacuum seal that isolates the device from external environment.
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Unformatted text preview: For example in electronics, hermetic seal is used to isolate circuitry from outside moisture or water vapor. What are connections between layers called in a MEMS device? (a) Connections (b) Vias (c) Packaging (d) Fiber chip coupling T F I would like a review session on 21 st April, Wednesday (No class as of now). T F I would like a review session on first half of the class as well....
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