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Fundamentals of Micromachining Midterm Exam Review Sheet ECE 5221 and 6221, ME EN 5960 and 6960, BIOEN 6421 2/24/10 Know the following: 1. Know the basic history of MEMS and know why silicon is so important. 2. Basic relationships of crystallographic planes and why they are important in MEMS 3. Understand the important parameters in photolithography including: the difference between positive and negative resists, how resolution is determined, the influence of light intensity and frequency, and what the various photoresists might be used for. 4. Know the steps in the photolithography process and what the purpose of each step is. 5. Know the critical parameters in exposure systems and limitations thereof. 6. Know the different types of etching systems and the advantages and disadvantages of each. This includes both wet (KOH, HF, BOE, HNA, etc) and dry etching systems (RIE, plasma, DRIE, reverse sputtering, etc). Be prepared to explain which method you would use to etch common MEMS materials (such as silicon, silicon dioxide, and silicon nitride) and why. 7.
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