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ISyE 2028A, Summer 2010 Friday June 25 Quiz 5 Solutions 1. Which of the following statements are not true? [2 points] A. A correct interpretation of a 100(1 )% α confidence interval for the mean µ relies on the long-run frequency interpretation of probability. B. It is correct to write a statement such as [ lies in the interval (70,80)]=.95 P C. The probability is .95 that the random interval 1.96 / Xn σ ±⋅ includes or covers the true value of . D. The interval 1.645 / xn is a 90% confidence interval for the mean . ANSWER: B 2. If one wants to develop a 90% confidence interval for the mean of a normal population, when the standard deviation is known, the confidence level is [2 points] A. .10 B. .45 C. .90 D. 1.645 ANSWER: C 3. If the width of a confidence interval for is too wide when the population standard deviation is known, which one of the following is the best action to reduce the interval width?
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