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Unformatted text preview: Activities and Grades STATE: North Carolina State University studied student performance in a course required by its chemical engineering major. Students must earn at least a C in the course in order to continue in the major. One question of interest was the relationship between time spent in extracurricular activities and success in the course. Students were asked to estimate how many hours per week they spent on extracurricular activities (less than 2, 2 to 12, or greater than 12). Here is the CrunchIt! output for 119 students. 10 M316 Chapter 23 Dr. Berg FORMULATE: Carry out a chi‐square test for: H0: there is no relationship between extracurricular activity time and course grade; Ha: there is some relationship between these two variables. Compare the column percents or observed versus expected cell counts or terms of the chi‐square to see the nature of the relationship. SOLVE: First check the guidelines. Two of the expected cell counts are quite small, but all the expected counts are greater than 1, and only one out of six...
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