M316 Test 4A-v1 Spring'05

M316 Test 4A-v1 Spring'05 - Name EID M316 Elementary...

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Name_________________________ M316 Elementary Statistics Final Exam Form A v1 EID _________________________ Spring 2005 Instructor: Dr. Gary Berg Show all your work. All problems are worth five points unless stated otherwise. Part I 1) The following data are the number of fire alarms answered by Boston Engine Company 10 over a 5-day period: 4, 3, 7, 4, 2. Calculate the variance and standard deviation for this data. ( Show your calculation .) 2) Circle the appropriate answer. a) Is the normal distribution symmetric or skewed ? b) Which is the better data summary for a skewed distribution, the five-number summary or the mean and standard deviation ? c) Is a pie chart better for categorical or quantitative data? d) Which is a resistant measure, the mean or the median ? e) True or false : the least squares regression line minimizes the sum of the squares of the residuals. 4) True or False? a) Correlation does not imply causation. True False b) Influential observations (e.g. outliers) have little effect on the regression line. True False c) Residual plots help us assess the fit of a regression line. True False d) One of the variables measured and recorded in a study could be a lurking variable. True False e) Extrapolation is the use of a regression line for prediction far outside the range of values of the explanatory variable. True False
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page 2 3) Suppose that some study finds the following. The explanatory variable x has an almost normal distribution N(12, 3) with correlation r =0.8 on a response variable y , with distribution N(10, 2). a) Find the slope of the least-squares regression line. (5points) b) Find the intercept of the least-squares regression line. (5 points) 5) A study in Sweden looked at former elite soccer players, people who played soccer but not at the elite level, and people of the same age who did not play soccer. Here is a two-way table that classifies these subjects by whether or not they had arthritis of the hip or knee by their mid-50’s:
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M316 Test 4A-v1 Spring'05 - Name EID M316 Elementary...

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