M316 Test 3A-v1 Spring'05

M316 Test 3A-v1 Spring'05 - Name_ EID _ M316 Elementary...

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Name_________________________ M316 Elementary Statistics Test 3 Form A v1 EID _________________________ Spring 2005 Instructor: Dr. Gary Berg Show all your work. All problems are worth ten points unless stated otherwise. Part I 1) To assess the accuracy of a laboratory scale, a standard weight known to weigh 10 grams is weighed repeatedly. The scale readings are Normally distributed with unknown mean μ and standard deviation σ = 0.0002 grams. The weight is weighed five times on a particular scale and the mean result is x = 10.0023 grams. Give a 98% confidence interval for the mean μ using table A. 2) In the preceding problem, how many measurements must be averaged to get a margin of error of ± 0.0001 grams with 98% confidence.
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page 2 3) The National Assessment of Educational Progress says that a score of 275 or higher on its quantitative test reflects the skill needed to balance a checkbook. The NAEP random sample of 840 young men had a mean score of x = 272 , a bit below the checkbook-balancing level. Is the sample result good evidence that the mean
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M316 Test 3A-v1 Spring'05 - Name_ EID _ M316 Elementary...

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