Quiz I-answer - Quiz I BIO 325 Genetics by Sung Write your name(10 points total no partial score Q 1-5 Choose the best matching word for each

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Quiz I. Feb 11, 2009 BIO 325 Genetics – by Sung Write your name: (10 points total; no partial score) Q 1-5. Choose the best matching word for each question from the followings. leading strand; lagging strand; Okazaki fragment; purine; pyrimidine; hydrogen bonding; thymine; uracil; guanine; adenine; leading strand; transition; transversion; deamination; colinearity; initiation codon; silent mutation; frame shift mutation; reverse transcription; splicing; reading frame; replication; transcription; translation; codon; Q1. Adding or deleting of a number of base pairs other than three into the coding sequence frame shift mutation Q2. Copying RNA into DNA reverse transcription Q3. An A-T base pair is changed into T-A pair transversion Q4. Synthesized discontinuously during replication lagging strand Q5. A nitrogenous base containing a single ring pyrimidine or thymine or uracil Q6. If 40% of the bases of human DNA are A, then what percentage are C? 10% Q7-8. A portion of one DNA strand of a gene named
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