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Homework 4 - BIO 325 Genetics Homework 4 This homework 4 is...

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BIO 325 Genetics Homework 4 This homework 4 is due Friday, May. 8 (either after the class or by 5:00 pm to the BIO401 Drop box; no late homework accepted!); Coverage: Chapter 2~5 Please don't try to write on this sheet! Put your answers on another sheet of paper and turn that in. 1. (2 points) Consider two genes: GHI1 and GHI2 . GHI1 is almost precisely at the centromere of a chromosome while GHI2 is 30 map unit away from the centromere on one arm of the same chromosome. When a wild type ( GHI1 and GHI2 ) strain is crossed to a doubly mutant strain ( ghi1 and ghi2 ) and sporulated, what is the expected number of tetrads of each type if 1,000 tetrads are examined? Neglect interference. In other words, per 1,000 tetrads, how many of each of the following types do you expect? (tetrads with two GHI1 GHI2 spores and two ghi1 ghi2 spores was 500.) tetrads with two GHI1 ghi2 spores and two ghi1 GHI2 spores; and tetrads with one GHI1 GHI2 spore, one ghi1 ghi2 spore, one GHI1 ghi2 spore and one ghi1 GHI2 spore 2. (2 points) Each allele of a single gene in a diploid cell during the G1 phase is present as part of
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