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BIO 325 Genetics Homework 2 This homework 1 is due Wednesday, Mar. 11 (either after the class or by 5:00 pm to the BIO401 Drop box; no late homework accepted!); Coverage: Chapter 15 1. (2 points) By transduction we run a cross between A+B+C+ and A B C . We run the cross and get 179 A+B+C+, 173 A B C , 52 A B+C+, 46 A+B C , 22 A B+C , 4 A+B+C and 2 A B C+. What is the gene order for these three genes (this is a classical three point cross)? ACB or BCA 2. (2 points) If a mutation in an essential gene prevents a colony from growing, how would a bacteriologist study the bacterial strain with such a mutation? Use a conditional lethal mutation such as a temperature sensitive mutation. 3 4) In the original interrupted mating experiment performed by Wollman and Jacob, they mated HfrH str s thr + azi r ton r lac + gal + cells to F str r thr azi s tons lac gal cells, disrupted mating pairs at 1 minute intervals and plated the exconjugants on plates containing streptomycin and
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