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BIO 325 Genetics Homework 3 This homework 1 is due Monday, Apr. 10 (either after the class or by 5:00 pm to the BIO401 Drop box; no late homework accepted!); Coverage: Chapter 17, 18 Please don't try to write on this sheet! Put your answers on another sheet of paper and turn that in. 1. (2 points) Describe the conditions for maximum induction of the lactose operon. 2. (2 points) Will the production of normal β‐ galactosidase be constitutive, inductive, or absent for each of the following genotypes for lac operon: (A) I+p+o+Z+Y +A +, (B) I p+o+Z+Y+A +, (C) I+p+ocZ Y+A+, (D) I+p+o+Z Y +A+. 3. (2 points) Gene A is maternally imprinted while Gene B is paternally imprinted. A Mom with Genes A and B imprinted and a Dad with an imprinted Gene A have a daughter and a son. The children then marry individuals known not to be imprinted for either gene. What is the imprint status of the daughter and son respectively? If each marriage results in the birth of a daughter
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