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Homework 2 - lacking threonine 3(2 points Why did they...

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BIO 325 Genetics Homework 2 This homework 1 is due Wednesday, Mar. 11 (either after the class or by 5:00 pm to the BIO401 Drop box; no late homework accepted!); Coverage: Chapter 15 Please don't try to write on this sheet! Put your answers on another sheet of paper and turn that in. 1. (2 points) By transduction we run a cross between A+B+C+ and A B C . We run the cross and get 179 A+B+C+, 173 A B C , 52 A B+C+, 46 A+B C , 22 A B+C , 4 A+B+C and 2 A B C+. What is the gene order for these three genes (this is a classical three point cross)? 2. (2 points) If a mutation in an essential gene prevents a colony from growing, how would a bacteriologist study the bacterial strain with such a mutation? 3 4) In the original interrupted mating experiment performed by Wollman and Jacob, they mated HfrH str s thr + azi r ton r lac + gal + cells to F str r thr azi s tons lac gal cells, disrupted mating pairs at 1 minute intervals and plated the exconjugants on plates containing streptomycin and
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Unformatted text preview: lacking threonine. 3. (2 points) Why did they choose that type of medium to plate on? 4. (2 points) In order for the above experiment to work, what must be true about the location of the thr gene? 5. (2 points) A cross is made between an Hfr strain that is met + arg + gly + and an F ‐ strain that is met ‐ arg ‐ gly ‐ . Interrupted ‐ mating experiments show that gly + enters the recipient last, so the gly + recombinants are selected on minimal plates supplemented with methionine and arginine. These recombinants are then tested for the presence of the met + and arg + alleles. The following numbers of colonies are found for each genotype: gly + met + arg + 420 gly + met + arg ‐ 11 gly + met ‐ arg+ gly + met ‐ arg ‐ 49 What is the gene order?...
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