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Your Name: 1 Final exam. BIO 325 Genetics – May. 19, 2009 1-10 ; Fill the blank with word(s). (1 points ea.; no partial score) 1. Collection of undifferentiated cells in plants is called (apical) meristem 2. The most critical step in the regulation of most bacterial genes is the binding of RNA polymerase to the promoter . 3. Numerator and denominator elements regulate sex-determination in Drosophila . If the ratio of numerator homodimers to numerator/denominator heterodimers is high, the Sxl gene will be expressed, generating a fly with female sexual characteristics. 4. “Certain covalent modifications of Histone can dictate the fate of gene expression at given loci” is referred as Histone Code hypothesis. 5. When you need to know if certain individual animals with certain phenotypes are pure-breeding or heterozygous for the phenotype, you can perform a test cross . 6. The region of DNA containing the set of genes that are cotranscribed, along with all the regulatory elements that control the expression of these genes, is called a(n) operon . 7. RNA polymerase II in eukaryotes synthesizes _ mRNA ___ using a DNA template. 8. XXXY male would have 2 Barr bodies. 9. An origin of replication generally has ___ 2_ ___ (how many?) replication forks. 10. AvaI (CPyCGPuG, Py stands for pyrimidine, Pu for purine) will cut DNA approximately every __ 1024 __ bp. 11-20. True or False; Circle one ( 1 pt ea.) 11. Because there is no nuclear membrane in prokaryotes, transcription and translation from a single gene can be taking place at the same time. True False
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Your Name: 2 12. trimethylation at Histone H3 Lys 4 usually associated with transcriptionally repressed chromatins. True False 13. Meiosis cannot occur in an organism whose genome is always haploid. True False 14. Preventing expression of operons by Glucose is an example of catabolite activation. True False 15. HIV does not contain DNA in its virus particles. True False 16. Heterochromatic DNA is DNA that is actively transcribed. True False 17. If DNA is isolated from two healthy individuals, it is very likely that their DNA sequence will be identical. True False 18. If the a and b loci are 20 m.u. apart in humans and an AB / ab woman mates with an ab / ab man, the probability that their child will be Ab / ab is 10%? True False 19. Arabidopsis genome is the smallest among plants. True False 20. Nimblegen array uses photo-activating building blocks to construct DNA array on the slide. True False 21- 35. Choose the BEST answer. Some multiple choice questions may have 1 ~ 5 correct answers (indicated in the questions). You should CIRCLE all correct answer(s) to be scored (no partial score); (2 pts ea.) 21. If a base analog such as 5-Bromouracil is used as a mutagen, how many generations will be required to mutate the codon for proline (CCC) into the codon for alanine (GCC)? A. one generation
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finalexam-2009-answers - Your Name: Final exam. BIO 325...

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