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semiotics - cooks raw information into signs embedded with...

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Semiotics: Some key ideas Linguistics: study of language and its systems Sign/Signifier: any object/word/smell/sight/sound that means Signified: what the sign comes to mean Saussere: Swiss linguist, father of modern linguistics langue: structure of language parole: use of langue to create meaning through words Semiotics: study of signs and sign systems Roland Barthes: transmitting linguistics to culture Clause Levi-Strauss: the raw and the cooked, studied objects and culture of Brazilian people, brings knowledge of sign systems out of linguistics into cultural studies. Idea of raw and cooked, culture
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Unformatted text preview: cooks raw information into signs, embedded with meaning. denotation: actual meaning, defininition connotation: implied meaning, suggestion Cultural Myth: creates and reproduces particular cultural ideas/ideals through sign systems (think disney princesses). Gramsci sees this as part of hegemony Hegemony: ideological struggle for a dominant discourse, often usurps existing dialouges and 'guts' or defangs them in order to sell an idea/product, rendering original ideology meaningless Discourse: production of knowledge through sign systems and shared meanings...
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