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H ISTORY 140/141 * F ALL 2007 C AROL S YMES Tuesday, 18 September 2007 Alexander’s Worlds: A Short-Term Empire and Its Long-Term Effects T ERMS I NTRODUCED IN L ECTURE biography ( bios + graphé = “life writing”) Macedonian phalanx, sarissa satraps Museum (“home of the Muses”) S OME E VENTS R ELEVANT TO T HIS L ECTURE 386 Plato founds the Academy at Athens 368 the young Philip of Macedon, son of King Amyntas III, is sent as a hostage to Thebes 356 Philip becomes king of Macedon, reigning as Philip II, and begins his conquest of Hellas his son and heir, Alexander, is born on 20 July 343 Aristotle becomes tutor to Philips’ son, the young prince Alexander, in Macedon 338 Battle of Chæronea: Athens and Thebes defeated by Philip of Macedon and Alexander (aged 17) 336 assassination of Philip; Alexander succeeds and reigns as Alexander III 334 Alexander (aged 21) crosses the Hellespont with a united Greek force; he visits Troy 333 Alexander advances through Persia and defeats Darius III at the Battle of Issus 332 Alexander is crowned Pharaoh at Memphis in Egypt 331 Alexander founds the city of Alexandria in Egypt 327 Alexander advances into Bactria (present-day Afghanistan) and marries Roxane, daughter of a local chieftain 326 Alexander campaigns in western India 325 following the rebellion of his Macedonian army, Alexander begins a retreat back to Babylon,
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Alexander%27s%20Worlds%20%2818%20September%202007%29 -...

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