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H ISTORY 140/141 * F ALL 2007 C AROL S YMES Thursday, 6 September “The Clash of Civilizations”: Competing Cultures of the Bronze Age K EY Q UESTIONS A DDRESSED IN L ECTURE How could an “age of empires” (Coffin and Stacey, p. 73) become a “Dark Age”? What new civilizations emerge? Who were the Hellenes (Greeks)? How did they see themselves, and how did they interact with others? Why would the Greeks have come into conflict with the “barbarians”? (T O BE CONTINUED . . .) T ERMS I NTRODUCED IN L ECTURE hero (Greek: “sacred” or “revered” man) polis (plural: poleis ) xenophilia = xenos (“stranger, other”) + philia (“love, affection”) xenophobia = xenos (“stranger, other”) + phobia (“fear, hatred”) kalos / agathos (“beautiful” / “good”) vs. aischros ( “ugly, shameful”) barbarian proskynesis S OME E VENTS R ELEVANT TO T ODAY S L ECTURE circa 1600 Babylon is attacked by the Hittites, a migrant people from Anatolia (modern Turkey) the Canaanites, traders settled in the Levant (modern Palestine), invent the alphabet the Mycenaeans of mainland Greece learn the elements of writing from the Minoans of Crete – who used a system known as Linear A, which has never been deciphered ; this Mycenean writing, Linear B, was deciphered only in the 1950s
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Clash%20of%20Civilizations%20%286%20September%202007%29 -...

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