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History 140/141 * Fall 2007 MIDTERM EXAMINATION FORMAT The midterm examination will be based on the first six (6) chapters of Coffin and Stacey’s Western Civilizations, the assigned sources discussed in section, and all the lectures up to and including that delivered on 4 October 2007. Further guidelines for study will be posted in Week V. These will include a list of 30 key terms from which the IDs and chronology will be drawn and a list of the possible sources to be excerpted in Part III (see below). P ART I: I DENTIFICATION OF T ERMS 5 at 8 points each = 40 points; suggested time: 20 minutes From a list of ten (10) terms, you will choose five (5) for historical identification, expressing your answers fully, specifically, and in complete sentences. The result for each ID should be a substantive paragraph that makes connections between each term and the larger themes of the course . You should be prepared to explain who or what is meant (1 point), when , approximately, it occurred (1 point),
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Midterm%20Exam%20Format%202007 - History 140/141 * Fall...

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