Rome%20Rising%20%2820%20September%202007%29 - H ISTORY...

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Unformatted text preview: H ISTORY 140/141 * F ALL 2007 C AROL S YMES Thursday, 20 September 2007 Rome Rising: The People, Powers, and Perspectives of the Early Republic How did the new Hellenistic world differ from the old world order? What made Roman culture distinctive? When and why did the city of Rome emerge as a great power? What was the Roman Republic? T ERMS I NTRODUCED IN L ECTURE Zoroastrianism, Judaism, cult of Dionysus, cult of Isis patricians (from the Latin pater, father hence, those who can claim illustrious ancestors) patria potestas , fatherly power centurion ( centum , a hundred) translatio imperii = the carrying-over of empire (Latin: trans + latus ) Fortune ( fortuna ) vs. Fate ( fata ) res publica (Latin: public + affairs, matter) = English republic forum (Latin: open, public, space) senate (Latin: senex, elder) consuls, tribunes plebs, plebiscite, vulgus (Latin: crowd, masses hence the term vulgar) S OURCES C ITED IN L ECTURE from the Histories of Polybius (200-118 B.C.E.), written in Greek:of Polybius (200-118 B....
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Rome%20Rising%20%2820%20September%202007%29 - H ISTORY...

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