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H ISTORY 140/141 * F ALL 2007 C AROL S YMES Thursday, 13 September 2006 The Trial of Socrates and the Failure of Athenian Democracy Q UESTIONS TO B E A DDRESSED IN L ECTURE Who was Socrates? Why was he put on trial in 399 BCE? Does this trial represent the failure of Athenian democracy, or its vindication? Will Socrates be condemned? YOU DECIDE! T ERMS I NTRODUCED IN L ECTURE sophist philosophy ( philos + sophia = “love of knowledge/wisdom”) apologia, a speech ( logos ) made in one’s own defense ostracism A DDTIONAL S OURCES C ITED IN L ECTURE Socrates on his commitment to philosophy, from the full text of the Apology (available ONLINE ): It would be a shocking inconsistency on my part, gentlemen, if, under the officers whom you chose to command me at Potidæa and Amphipolis and Delium, I remained at my post like anyone else and faced death – and yet now, when God has appointed me (as I suppose and believe) to the duty of leading the philosophic life, I were then through fear of death or danger to desert my post. . . . Thucydides describes the effects of war on democracy in Athens (from his
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The%20Trial%20of%20Socrates%20%2813%20September%202007%29 -...

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