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History 140/141 * Fall 2007 FINAL EXAMINATION STUDY GUIDE GENERAL NOTE ON COVERAGE The first portion of the final examination will be a “midterm” exam for the second half of the course. It will be based on Chapters Seven through Fourteen of the T EXTBOOK (Chapter Fifteen has not been assigned), the accompanying primary sources readings, and all the lectures delivered from 11 October to 6 December 2007. Review will be greatly facilitated by reference to lecture supplements (available via the course W EBSITE ). The second portion of the final examination will consist of a comprehensive essay covering the entire course. You will have nearly two hours to construct and write this essay, so we expect it to be adventurous in argument and detailed in its use of specific examples. The possible essay questions to which you will respond are provided below. EXAM FORMAT AND SCORING Parts I-III of the final exam will be identical in format to the corresponding segments of the midterm exam in October. The only difference will be in the number of points allotted to each part. The total number of points for the entire exam is 100: 50 for Parts I-III (inclusive) and 50 for the comprehensive essay in Part IV. So although an ID in Part I, for example, will “only” be worth 4 points on the final (as opposed to 8 on the midterm), the fact that the final exam counts for more than twice the grade of the midterm means that each answer you give must be just as carefully constructed and complete. Your TA will be grading this portion of the exam using the same criteria for assessment as on the midterm. Part I: Identification of Terms (5 out of 10 terms, at 4 points each = 20 points total) Choose FIVE of the following for identification, expressing your answers fully, specifically, and in complete sentences. The result for each ID should be a substantive paragraph that makes connections between each term and the larger themes of the course . Explain briefly
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Final%20Exam%20Study%20Guide%202007 - History 140/141 Fall...

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