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Accumulated points including both quizzes (including the one given Dec. 1) and all three hour exams. There are 410 possible points. The accumulated point totals provide a good approximation of your grade to this point. These totals do not include your discussion section information, so those of you who have been doing good work in your recitation classes should move up slightly. Remember that the Fnal will count 300 points. ±or those several people who missed the quiz for legitimate reasons such as travel delays: We will count your Fnals an additional 60 points to make up for this missed quiz. To approximate your grade you should use the information prior to the quiz from the Nov. 17 data. Accumulated points: Score Approximate course grade so far 340-410 A 320-339 A- 290-319 B+ 275-289 B 265-274 B- 250-264 C+ 230-249 C 220-229 C- 190-219 D+ 165-189 D- 4-164 ± ******************************************************
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Unformatted text preview: Comments on the quiz given on 12-1: There were 60 possible points. The scores were low. To get an A you needed about 54, to get a B you needed 48-53, to get a C, you needed 40-47, to get a D you needed 30-39, and to get a D- you needed 25-29. The scores on the quiz mean little of course, as they constitute only 60 out of 400 points. BUT, many people did extremely poorly. As a whole the class needs to do better; the Fnal will cover and to some extent emphasize the material that was on this quiz. You need to be better at line and surface integrals. I announced on many occasions and suggested on the web site that I expected you to be able to state and use Green’s theorem, and to be able to Fnd surface area. Despite these announcements many people could not do these problems ****************************************************** 1...
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