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1/19/10 1 Design Methodology CSCI 264 Basic Methodology • Task Analysis • User Definition • Conceptual Design • Semantic Design • Dialogue Design • Syntactic Design • Lexical Design Basic Methodology (cont.) • Working Environment Design • Documentation Design • Design Review • Prototyping • Implementation • Software Debugging • User Interface Debugging Basic Methodology (cont.) • Steps are not all sequential • At each step in design, consider multiple alternatives, then choose the one which best matches user characteristics, design objectives, and functional requirements • Consider alternative designs • Each area will be discussed throughout the semester What is Being Designed? • A communication protocol • Two languages: – user computer – computer user • What is the product of the design? – A complete design document or prototype for all aspects of user-computer interface – Use formal definition tools (e.g. UML) and prototyping Defining the Requirements Thoroughly research the job to be done – Determine which parts are best done with computer, but not necessarily "how" (yet) – Best done by team of subject/computer specialists – Total immersion ("know thy user") – Ask and observe – Use SADT, use-case diagrams, other formal tools People skills are crucial – Hard for technologists to see from user's perspective – Hard for people from one application domain to completely understand another
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1/19/10 2 Defining the Requirements (cont.) Design objectives – Functional requirements – Learning time – Speed of use – Error rates – User satisfaction – Market appeal Design constraints – Existing equipment – Compatibility with other computer systems – Implementation time and resources Defining the Requirements (cont.) • User characteristics – Personality – Knowledge
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methodologyhandout six per page - Design Methodology CSCI...

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