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Unformatted text preview: 2/23/10 1 Visual Display of Information CSCI 264 Design of Human-Computer Interface Information Presentation Physiological fundamentals Characters Illusions Presentation organization Icon Design Chart organization Searching Coding Physiological Fundamentals Retina has: 6.5 M cones (color vision), mostly at fovea (1/3) about 150,000 cones per square millimeter fewer blue sensing cones than red and green at fovea 100 M rods (night vision), spread over retina, none at fovea Adaptation: switching between dark and light causes fatigue so does changing focal distance black on white is preferable? Flicker Measured as Critical Flicker Frequency (CFF) CFF decreases as intensity increases Longer persistence phosphor decreases CFF Usually more of a problem on CRTs at high resolutions than LCD or PLASMA CFF lower on fovea than away from fovea, which explains peripheral flicker in some instances (i.e. no flicker when looking dead on, but some when looking to the side) Colors Absolute discrimination - quantity identifiable without any reference: HUE ~ 9 INTENSITY ~ 5 SATURATION ~ ? The 9 hues most people can identify are: Color Wavelength Red 629 Red-Orange 596 Yellow-Orange 582 Green-Yellow 571 Yellow-Green 538 Green 510 Blue-Green 491 Blue 481 Violet-Blue 460 "Just Noticeable Difference" Smallest change detectable 50% of the time HUE ~ 128 Intensity ~ 32 - 64 Saturation:...
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visual-display - 2/23/10 1 Visual Display of Information...

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