Cisco routers (R1)

3 service timestamps debug datetime localtime service

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Unformatted text preview: ork Seoul-1 Seoul-2 Frame Relay Singapore SF-1 San Jose SF-1 FDDI Ring Kuala Lumpur Router Routers George Blankenship 16 The Kuala Lumpur Router General information version 11.3 service timestamps debug datetime localtime service timestamps log datetime localtime service password-encryption hostname Kuala-Lumpur clock timezone MST +8 Routers George Blankenship 17 The Kuala Lumpur Router IP names ip domain-list ip domain-list ip domain-name ip name-server ip name-server Routers George Blankenship 18 George Blankenship 6 CSCI 232 - Computer Networking Routers The Kuala Lumpur Router Loopback1 interface loopback1 description Kuala-lumpur router loopback ip address Routers George Blankenship 19 The Kuala Lumpur Router Ethernet0 interface Ethernet0 description Kuala-Lumpur LAN Segment ip address ip helper-address ntp broadcast Routers George Blankenship 20 The Kuala Lumpur Router Serial0 interface Serial0 description IETF frame relay PVCs no ip address encapsulation frame-rely ietf bandw...
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