Cisco routers (R1)

Cisco routers r1

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Unformatted text preview: CSCI 232 - Computer Networking Routers CSCI 232 Computer Networking: Cisco Routers George Blankenship Routers George Blankenship 1 Lesson Outline • • • • • Communication Processors Router introduction IOS Configuration The Zoom Integrated Products intranet Cisco Router Configuration by Allen Leinwand, Bruce Pinsky, and Mark Culpepper Routers George Blankenship 2 Communication Processor • What is a communication processor? • What makes it different than another computer? • How is the same as any other computer? • Is it different? • Is it the same? Routers George Blankenship 3 George Blankenship 1 CSCI 232 - Computer Networking Routers Communication Processor • Special feature boards – Communication I/O focus – Implement layers one and two – Implements service entrance to rest of system • CPU – Special message passing OS – Routes messages between feature boards Routers George Blankenship 4 Communication Processor Data Operating system storage, configuration data, and log files CPU Message passing based operating system System bus Dedicated to individual circuit or LAN I/O card I/F to physical media I/O card I/F to physical media Ethernet Routers George Blankenship 5 Active Network Components • Hub – Basis for broadcast LAN – Relays all traffic from one input to all inputs • Switch – Basis for broadcast LAN – Learns traffic patterns, sends on single interface • Router – Network processor Routers George Blankenship...
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