Cisco routers (R1)

Telnet uses one of network connections http web

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Unformatted text preview: Access Methods • Console on console port (direct serial connection) • Workstation via auxiliary port (serial line using a modem) • Telnet (uses one of network connections) • HTTP (web browser via network) • SNMP (network management via network) Routers George Blankenship 12 George Blankenship 4 CSCI 232 - Computer Networking Routers User Interface • TTY type device connects via console port (async interface) • Telnet device supported • Operation modes – Non-privileged: inspect but not change – Privileged: changes are permitted Routers George Blankenship 13 User Commands • Help – ? – lists all commands (available in mode) – <command> ? – help for command (or rest of command) • Display information – show <information type> Routers George Blankenship 14 Configuration Statements • interface – Define an interface (named by Cisco: ethernet, serial, …) – Define a sub-interface (frame relay channel) • ip – Define IP operating parameters Routers George Blankenship 15 George Blankenship 5 CSCI 232 - Computer Networking Routers The ZIP Netw...
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