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CS284_hw6 - CSCI 284/Spring 2009/Vora/GWU/Homework...

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CSCI 284/Spring 2009/Vora/GWU/Homework 6/assigned: 15 April 2009/due: 29 April 2009 1 CSCI 284 - Cryptography - Spring 2009 George Washington University Homework 6 : due 29 April, 2009 Policy on collaboration: All examinations, papers, and other graded work products and assignments are to be completed in conformance with The George Washington University Code of Academic Integrity. You may not discuss HWs among yourselves. Each student is expected to work independently on his or her own HW; you may not collaborate with others, you may not copy one another’s assignments, even in part. You may only refer to your class notes, the text book, and to class material such as slides, notes and links provided on the course website. You may not refer to any other material while working on the homework. All code must run on your hobbes account. The TA will make no attempt to debug your code, or determine why it does not run. You will be graded on the correctness of your output, and the quality of your code: efficiency and documentation. There will be no exceptions.
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