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Assignment: Challenges of a Paper Unfortunately, a writer finds themselves faced by one or more of the many challenges that can arise when attempting to successfully write a paper. One of the worst challenges a writer can become faced by is writer’s block, which is common among many writers and a serious challenge that causes the writer to lose the ability to write, or finish their work. Writer’s block can be very serious for a writer because of the way in which it disables writing. Writer’s block is a threat to all writers because any writer can fall victim to it, as it is caused from a variety of things. Another challenge a writer may face that is crucial when writing a paper successfully, is establishing and maintaining effective rhythm . When a writer is attempting to successfully establish and maintain an effective rhythm in their writing it is important for the writer concentrate on the sentence variety used, how the sentences flow with one another, and the use of a broad vocabulary. The last challenge a writer can be faced with when writing
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