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topic sentences - A fixed Interest rate is always a plus...

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The interest rate will determine how much can be afforded for the purchase price. If the interest rate is higher this means the payment will increase. When an increase in payment is not affordable changes will need to be made. A lower priced alternative would bring the payment back down. However, if the interest rate is lower, the higher priced alternative may be affordable. It is best the interest rate is know from the beginning, this way purchase price can be determined ahead of time.
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Unformatted text preview: A fixed Interest rate is always a plus when making a purchase. A fixed interest rate means the interest rate will remain the same. Without a fixed interest rate, the interest rate can change. The interest rate could increase. In increased rate may make payments unaffordable, and you could lose your home. A fixed interest rate will allow easy management of money without any surprises....
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