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Week six - Week six Assignment I choose Marc Siegel’s...

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Unformatted text preview: Week six- Assignment I choose Marc Siegel’s Essay as being the essay which was effective in persuading my opinion because he included a person experience, he presented a sense of reality, and he had an enthusiastic and energetic tone from start to finish. I taught the way he included a personal experience was very effective. Reading about one of his own experiences with a patient gave his explanation a sense of reality. If I can actually picture what the writer is saying then it makes it easier for me to form an actual opinion. I like that Marc Siegel told us what his results were. I also liked that Marc Siegel kept an enthusiastic and energetic tone from start to finish. His tone kept me from getting distracted, and kept me interested in what he was saying. The fact that my interest was kept in what I was reading played a big role in the effectiveness of the essay. I will make use of the feedback I received from The Center for Writing Excellence by taking their suggestions into to consideration, researching what I don’t understand, and after I have made my...
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