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Unformatted text preview: CSE310:AlgorithmsandDataStructures Assignment4:SortingandSelection DueDate:Monday,July19,2010  Question1: Whatistheminimumandmaximumnumberofelementspresentin aheapofheighth?   Question 2: Show that there are at most  nodes of height h in any n ­‑elementheap.   Question3: ProfessorSolomonclaimsthatthe  lowerboundforsorting nnumbersdoesnotapplytohismachine,inwhichthecontrolflowofaprogram cansplitthreewaysafterasinglecomparison ai:aj,accordingtowhetherai<aj, ai=aj, or ai>aj.Showthattheprofessoriswrongbyprovingthatthenumberof three ­‑waycomparisonsrequiredtosortnelementsisstill .   Question4: simple, linear time algorithm that solves the selection problem for an arbitrary orderstatistic.   Question5: ProfessorOlayisconsultingforanoilcompany,whichisplanninga largepipelinerunningeasttowestthroughanoilfieldof nwells.Fromeachwell, aspurpipelineistobeconnecteddirectlytothe mainpipelinealongashortest path (either north or south), as shown in Figure below. Given x ­‑ and y ­‑coordinatesofthewells,howshould theprofessorpicktheoptimallocationof the main pipeline (the one that minimizes the total length of the spurs)? Show thattheoptimallocationcanbedeterminedinlineartime.   ...
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