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CHEM 20B Winter 2010 Homework #5 - Due Monday, February 8 th 1. Oxtoby 14.38 2. Oxtoby 15.2 3. Oxtoby 15.14 4. Oxtoby 15.18 5. Oxtoby 15.30 6. Oxtoby 15.36 7. Oxtoby 15.40 8. Consider the family of acids HF, HCl, and HI. State which acids are strong and which acids are weak? Put the acids in order from strongest to weakest. Then explain why the acids show this trend. You will have to draw on bonding concepts from Chem 20A to answer this question. 9. The K a for chloroacetic acid (CH 2 ClCOOH) is 1.4 x 10 -3 at 25 ºC. Given an initial concentration, calculate the pH and the ratio of conjugate base to acid at equilibrium (i.e.
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Unformatted text preview: [CH 2 ClCOO-]/[CH 2 ClCOOH]) at 25 ºC. For each concentration, do the calculation both exactly (i.e. using the quadratic equation), and using the approximation that the extent of reaction is small compared to the initial concentration of acid. Over what range is the approximation valid? Initial concentrations are: (a) [CH 2 ClCOOH] = 1.000 M (b) [CH 2 ClCOOH] = 0.500 M (c) [CH 2 ClCOOH] = 0.100 M (d) [CH 2 ClCOOH] = 0.010 M...
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