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CHEM 20B Winter 2010 Homework #9 - Due Wednesday, March 10th The last homework that you will turn in (though not the last one that will be assigned). 1. Oxtoby 14.14 2. Oxtoby 14.54 3. Oxtoby 14.60 4. Oxtoby 14.62 5. Oxtoby 14.66 6. Oxtoby 14.68 7. Oxtoby 14.102 8. Oxtoby 14.108 9. Oxtoby 14.110 10. (a)
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Unformatted text preview: Calculate the standard free-energy change and the equilibrium constant for dimerization of NO 2 to N 2 O 4 at 25 C. (b) Calculate G for this reaction at 25 C when the pressure of NO 2 and N 2 O 4 are each held at 0.01 atm. Which way will the reaction tend to proceed?...
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