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CHEM 20B Winter 2010 Homework #1 - Due Monday, January 11 1. Oxtoby 9.8 2. Oxtoby 9.20 3. Oxtoby 9.24 4. Oxtoby 9.38 5. Oxtoby 9.44 6. A flask of volume 9.1 liters contains 5.0 g of hydrogen, 0.55 moles of oxygen, and sufficient argon so that the partial pressure of argon is 2.20 atm. The temperature is 136 °C. (a) What is the density of the mixture in the flask? (b) What is the total pressure in the flask?
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Unformatted text preview: (c) What is the mole fraction of hydrogen? (d) Suppose that a spark is passed through the flask so that the following reaction occurs until one reactant is entirely used up: 2H 2 ( g ) + O 2 ( g ) 2H 2 O( g ) What will the pressure be when the temperature returns to 136 C? 7. Oxtoby 9.72 8. Oxtoby 9.80 9. Oxtoby 9.94...
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