E2-Rev-FA08 - D Cycloalkanes E Cyclohexane rings – chair...

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Organic Chemistry 1 – Exam #2 Topics – Fall 2008 1) Review Topics from Exam #1 A) Resonance B) Use of arrows C) Molecular structure 2) Acid-Base Chemistry A) Brønsted-lowry acids & bases B) Conjugate acid-base pairs C) Proton transfer reactions D) pK a and acid-base strength E) K of acid-base reactions F) Structure and acid-base strength G) Water solubility based on acid-base reactions H) Leveling effect of water (and other protic solvents like methanol or ethanol) I) Lewis acids & bases and their reactions J) Mechanism of acid-base reactions 3) Simple IUPAC and Common nomenclature of compounds and substituents studied. ( see next page ) 4) Reaction Energetics A) Reaction-Energy Diagrams B) ± H, ± G, ± S C) K and Equilibrium 5) Structural Analysis of Alkanes A) Isomers vs. conformers B) Newman projections and alkane chain structure. C) Conformational analysis of steric influences.
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Unformatted text preview: D) Cycloalkanes E) Cyclohexane rings – chair conformations 6) Stereochemistry A) Chiral Carbons B) Enantiomers C) R,S designation system D) Tests for Chirality E) Diastereomers Meso compounds will be covered on exam #3. See the assigned Chapter 5 problems for practice on stereochemistry questions. Organic Chemistry Nomenclature – Exam 2 Be prepared to write names and draw structures based on IUPAC and common nomenclature systems: Names of carbon chains from 1-12 carbons Common alkyl substituents o Unbranched alkyl substituent chains o The following common branched alkyl substituents ± isopropyl ± isobutyl ± sec-butyl ± tert-butyl o Other common substituent groups ± phenyl ± benzyl Halide substituents Alkenes Alkynes Alcohols Cycloalkanes (single ring systems only)...
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E2-Rev-FA08 - D Cycloalkanes E Cyclohexane rings – chair...

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