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Exam #4 – Review Sheet Primary Topics: Elimination of water (E1) o Mechanism – conditions – products Various Addition Reactions to Alkenes & Alkynes o Hydrogen Halides (HX) ± Mechanism – conditions – products o Halogen Addition (X 2 in Organic Solvent – CCl 4 ) ± Mechanism – conditions – products o Hydrohalin Addition (X 2 in H 2 O) ± Mechanism – conditions – products Hydrations of double bonds (Addition of H 2 O): o Acid-Catalyzed ± Mechanism – conditions – products o Oxymercuration ± Products (conditions provided) o Hydroboration ± Products Hydrogenations of double bonds and triple bonds (Addition of H
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Unformatted text preview: 2 ): o Platinum / Palladium Conditions products o Syn- addition to a triple bond Products (conditions provided) o Anti- addition to a triple bond Products (conditions provided) Alkyne Synthesis & Reactions of Alkynide Ions o Elimination of a vicinal dihalide to yield an alkyne Mechanism conditions products o Acidity of terminal alkynes o S N 2 attack of the alkynide ion on a 1 alkyl halide Mechanism conditions products Retrosynthetic Analysis...
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