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Unformatted text preview: 1 CheckPoint: Impact of Case Law on Policing In Ch. 11, many case law decisions are discussed that have affected policing and the law. 1 I Resource : Introduction to Policing 2 I Due Date: Day 5 [ Individual ] forum 3 I Review Introduction to Policing , pp. 251-289. 4 I Write a 350- to 700-word response describing three case law decisions from 5 the chapter you believe have the most substantial 6 impact on policing today. 7 I Use APA formatting guidelines. I Post as an attachment This chapter discussed decisions that effect today’s policing methods. One I feel made a major impact is The US Supreme Courts Judicial Review policy. This policy goes back as early as 1914 regarding Weeks Vs. The United States. In this case, the police were regulated on how to conduct their searches and seizures. This particular case involved the police entering an arrested individual’s home and taking evidence without a warrant. This case set forth that the need to have a warrant is within law and the seizure of items from a...
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