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1 3. Discussion Question 2 2 3 Due Date: Day 4 [ Main ] forum 3 3 Post your response to the following: Why is the Miranda ruling important for 4 police to understand? Explain your answer. It is important for the police to understand so that they don’t violate it. Violating the Miranda rights and not letting a suspect be arrested without being advised of them could ruin a case. The amount of evidence against someone, especially verbal admissions could get a case thrown out if the Miranda rights were not read to the individual. I have found out through investigational courses and making felony arrests that Miranda Rights do not have to be read until the officer believes there has been a felony committed and they want to question the person on the act. An example is when an officer searches a person for their protection and they find white powder in a package. The officer can still ask what it
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Unformatted text preview: is and other pertinent questions. If the suspect states it’s cocaine, the officer should stop the questioning and read them their Miranda Rights. I deal with on a daily basis and many suspects have challenged the fact that I waited to read them their rights. A suspect may voluntarily give statement even after they have asked for an attorney. I had this happen on a marijuana case. A guy asked for an attorney after being caught with 10 ounces of marijuana. While I was testing the drugs, he made a statement that he had 2 more ounces earlier in the week but sold them along with some pills. The statement was voluntarily made and the room was audio recorded. The suspect got two more charges from this voluntarily admission....
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