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WK 5 DQ 1 - newspapers and media jumped all over the...

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1 1 2. Discussion Question 1 2 2 Due Date: Day 2 [ Main ] forum 3 2 Post your response to the following: Which constitutional amendment do you 4 consider most important to policing? Why do you think it is the most important? 5 6 Which amendment do you think has been most broadly interpreted? Why do you think this amendment has been the most broadly interpreted? What has happened in society to influence this interpretation? I think the fourth amendment is the most important and relevant to policing. This amendment protects personal privacy and determines what and when an officer can search. The Fourth Amendment provides safeguards to individuals during searches and detentions, and prevents unlawfully seized items from being used as evidence in criminal cases. This also assists the police departments in policing themselves. When I lived in Detroit I remember hearing about police searching vehicles and businesses and listing them as a random search. The
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Unformatted text preview: newspapers and media jumped all over the “random” searches got several officers fired. I feel like the second amendment is the most broadly interpreted among society. I think that since society feel threatened that our government may take their guns from them they have become overly dependent on the the second amendment to protect them and allow them to keep guns. The right to bear arms is also restricted much like all the amendments. An example is a convicted felon can not possess a firearm. I believe this is an example of abusing the amendment. We as society tell a person who can not pay child support, which he can not have, a rifle. I live in the country and if I could not provide money to my daughter, I would likely provide them with deer, turkey, squirrel game. This is a need to survive in many areas of the world. The 2 nd Amendment is definitely interpreted differently by many....
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