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WEEK 3 DQ 2 - Week3CJS 1 2 3 4 5 6 Discussion Question 2...

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Week 3 CJS 1 Discussion Question 2 2 Due Date: Day 4 [ Main ] forum 3 Review the Electronic Reserve Reading: “Incorporating Diversity Police 4 Response to Multicultural Changes in Their Communities.” 5 6 Post your response to the following: Why is it important to have a diversified Police force? What are some barriers that must be 7 overcome? What are the advantages and disadvantages to diversity in 8 policing? 9 Diversity is very important in policing because America is so diverse. There are so many different religions, races, ethnic backgrounds and even languages among us that having people on the force who can relate is a good tool. The communication can be hindered if the force is made up of one race, religion, or language. An average English speaking officer could face trouble when questioning a Spanish speaking suspect. A female officer can relate better to a rape victim then a male officer when the rape victim may be untrusting of men after such an event.
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